General nursing home service

At Vit Cancún we have the best nursing staff with 8, 12 and 24 hour shifts, the most humane and ideal for assisting and accompanying patients.

We accept card payments


Activities at home 

Patient bath
Continuous surveillance
INTRAVENOUS / INTRAMUSCULAR Medication administration
Accompaniment to medical appointments and rehabilitation


Our general nursing service includes:

Personal protection equipment

 - Robes

 - Face mask

 - Caps

 - Gloves 

Nursing tools

 - Baumanometer

 - Stethoscope

 - Thermometer

 - Battery powered oximeter

 - Glucometer

 - Strips and lancets

 - Folders and work logs

First aid kit consumables

 - Catheter punzocat #24 #22 #20

 - Normogotero

 - Tegaderm

 - Heparin cap

 - Syringes 10

 - Syringes of 20

 - Sample tube for laboratory

Auxiliary equipment

 - Tripod

 - Wheelchair

 - Adaptable table

 - Shower chair

Easy to hire service

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Current month promotion

Medical consultation in facilities and / or home

At Vit Cancún we offer you the medical consultation service in our facilities, we have excellent practitioners and internists, we provide special attention to patients with Covid-19

Laboratory analysis + Electrocardiogram + Medical interpretation included

Promotion price $999.00 pesos

EKG our facilities
Medical interpretation included
Blood chemistry included
Hematic biometry
General urine test

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